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Come with us and experience the High Arctic!!

Do you wanna focus on only two things - a dry place to sleep and a warm meal while feeling the wind on your face?

What about enjoying pure nature - untouched, unforgiving, unpredictable, and gorgeous?

That‘s possible here on Svalbard!

East Coast Hike 2013

27.08. - 11.09.2013

To reach the East Coast of Spitsbergen has become a dream for many people.

Isolated and wild, far away from the settlement, and hard to get there in summer.

During two eventful weeks you‘ll hike from Longyearbyen through Advent Valley, Esker Valley until you reach Aghard Bay and the East Coast of Spitsbergen.

On your way you will experience the colourful tundra in autumn, walking on carpet-like grass and spotting grazing reindeers, which are by the end of summer -- big and fat.

Feel the wind, sun, rain and maybe even the snow on your face as we cross stony riverbeds and glaciers and by evening you‘ll sleep like a baby.

This is more than a hiking trip – it‘s the experience of a lifetime!

Application Deadline: closed                              



end of may - beginning of june (ask for accurate dates)

During two unbelievable weeks on ski pulling a pulka (expedition sledge) you will travel the 200 km from Borebay (Isfjord area) towards Magdalenefjord, one of the most beautifull fjords on Svalbard.

You will walk solely on the white, amazing glaciers of northwestern Spitsbergen and cross the high alpine looking landscape between the icecap of Isachsenfonna and Gullyglacier.

At night you‘ll stay in cozy expedition tents.

In Magdalenefjord we will get picked up by ship and have a 2-days cruise on our way back to Longyearbyen.

If you like to bring your own dog on that amazing trip - let us know, we will help.

Application deadline: no dates for 2010